Super Blue Blood Moon Live Stream 

As the weather looks to be clear from my location in Southern California, you will definitely get to watch/listen to a special live stream of this celestial event! 

If you want something to listen to while you gaze at the heavenly sight, or interact and ask questions during the Eclipse, then this is the stream for you! 

The moon will officially become a “blood moon” around 4:45am pacific time. The live broadcast will begin at 3:45am, and is planned to stop shortly after the moon begins to “turn white” again around 6am. It may also end before the planned stop time if the moon starts getting out of view from my location. 

While those on the west coast of North America will enjoy the sight, those on the east coast of North America will NOT be able to see this eclipse, and this stream will be a good alternative. 

The broadcast will stream from my Facebook page, and will later be published and posted on the website. You won’t necessarily need a Facebook account to watch the stream as it happens, nor need one to see it later from this webpage. 

Be sure to set your alarms early and wake up with this eclipse! Hope to hear from you all during the stream! 

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