Enough with the Uranus Jokes!

“Point it to Uranus” “I want to see Uranus”

Har Dee Har Har… you must feel really good about yourself! You think I haven’t heard that joke before?!


Seriously, that joke has been old since the days where there were nine planets!

First off, you’re not even pronouncing it right!

It’s pronounced YURR-EN-US, not the way you think it is! Even if it’s acceptable to pronounce it the other way, most people in the astronomy community pronounce it YURR-EN-US

It’s name comes from the Ancient Greek diety Uranus, which in Greek meant “heaven” or “sky.”  He was the father of Chronus and the grandfather of Zeus, who are the Greek name counterparts to Saturn and Jupiter respectively.

Secondly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone bring up the joke!

People who bring up the joke to astronomers are often the simple minded smart asses who think that astronomers haven’t heard that joke a thousand times. It gets to the point where we just stop acknowledging it and move on with our  lives.

Even when we do say “yeah we’ve heard that joke before” and they still keep bringing it up and laugh at their own perceived comedic gold, they’re just making themselves look far less intelligent.

Hey, knucklehead, if you’re at a place like an observatory, or are viewing something through someone else’s telescope because they’re nice enough to let you do so, it’s probably not the smartest idea to bring up the Uranus jokes.



Still, that’s not going to stop websites from clickbaiting people with headlines like:


1. Yes, the “pounding” that the planet Uranus has taken has caused it to tilt almost sideways. Giant impacts from large objects in the Solar System can do that! Planet Venus is also upside down and rotating the opposite direction because of the same reason.


2. NASA has sent probes onto and into other planets. Some have landed on their surface, others have been crushed due to atmospheric pressure. More than likely, a probe being sent into Uranus, like the other gas giants, will be crushed as well.  Wait… here come the further smart ass remarks…


3. So they say that planet Uranus smells like rotten eggs and farts. You know where else it smells like that? Much of outer space! Venus, and Mars has a lot of sulfur and carbon dioxide, which would give it that rotten egg smell.Astronauts have described outer space smelling like burnt meat, gunpowder, and sulfur. So the fact that some scientists say Uranus smells like farts doesn’t surprise me.

Seriously, grow up!


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