Solar System Trio Information?

Location and Times

So… Where Is this Party?

It will be located in Riverside, California, fairly close to Citrus State Park. As this will be posted on private land and not public, the address will not be published anywhere. However, if you are reading this, and are genuinely interested in attending, you can each us on social media (Facebook or Instagram), email, or you can even contact Anthony at 951-529-8766. Only people serious about attending will be granted the address! 

What if I don’t want to take a few minutes and contact anyone? 

Then you’re not attending!

What’s The Best Time To Arrive? 

“The Show” or when we start observing will be after sunset, which on September 6 is around 7:30 pm. It will not start getting dark until after 8 pm.

When Does the Party End? 

You may arrive and leave as you please, but typically we start winding down around 10:30-11ish. We don’t plan on going on too late.

The Party Itself

What Is the “Solar System Trio?”

It is a nickname I have given to the three best Solar System objects you can see through a telescope. Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon by themselves alone are quite the showstoppers, but the three of them together will be visible over the summer months in the evening.

This night is specializing in showcasing the three objects up close and personal!

Will There Be Telescopes?

Absolutely! We will have telescopes set up showcasing the trio. The telescopes we have are all capable of showcasing details on each object, and you may be quite surprised with what you can see (even the smaller telescopes can pack a punch)!  If you’d like to bring your own equipment, feel free to do so!

Will You Be Showing Other Objects? 

Yes, there are some nice double stars and bright star clusters that can be seen. But due to the light pollution over Riverside and with the moon high in the sky, it won’t be ideal for deep sky viewing; don’t expect to see any galaxies or the Milky Way – you have to attend our deep sky parties for that!

Is that it? It’s Just You People Setting Up Telescopes? 

It’s a fun Friday night where the kids get to learn something, test out cool equipment, and it’s meant to be a relaxing time where you get to hang out. If you or your kid is especially interested in all things space, then this is an event to try out!  Anyone who has attended our events knows we don’t have specific program agendas, but you’ll definitely get a guided tour of what stars and constellations you can see in the sky, and who knows, you might actually learn something! 

Will There Be Food?

Yes, the property hosts will order pizzas and soft drinks. If you want to bring your own snacks and drinks you are free to do so.

Is This Event Free? 

Yes! But if you feel compelled to chip in or donate, there will be a “donation jar.” Or You can also sent a donation through PayPal.

Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers!

You know where mainstream media sites get their information? From people like us! Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers! Everything is free, but donations help keep the website alive and go towards outreach events!


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