NO! The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter will NOT Form a “Smiley Face” On May 16!

You’ve been conned! hoodwinked! bamboozled! flim flammed!

You failed to check with your friendly neighborhood astronomers before sharing these posts! I thought you might have learned your lessons by now after the “Mars as big as the Moon” and “Green Moon on 4/20” hoaxes!

What has been circulating has been news of a “Rare conjunction between Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent Moon” that will form a “happy face” on May 16, 2020 – a month away as of the date of this article.




Okay…How do I know this?

  1. Jupiter and Venus have been and will be on opposite sides of the sky! Since the start of 2020, Venus, you know, that “super bright star” in the evening that people always ask me about, has been visible in the western sky after sunset, and Jupiter has been visible in the eastern pre dawn morning sky. On May 16, Venus will set just as Jupiter begins to start rising!
  2. You won’t start seeing Jupiter in the evening skies until late July at the earliest! When that happens, Venus will have shifted to the morning skies, once again being on the opposite side!
  3.  The moon will be nowhere near either planet in the May 16 sky!  The waning crescent moon on May 16 doesn’t rise until 3 am local time… and will be low in the east while Jupiter will be visible in the south in the pre dawn hours…

All it takes are simple fact checks! Not only do I regularly observe the sky and know where objects are each day, I also check my astronomy planetarium apps on my laptop and my smartphone to make sure. As soon as I saw the apparent news, I could smell bull crap from a mile away!

Forgot to fact check or even ask your friendly neighborhood astronomer? That’s your own fault!


I do not know where this hoax originated, but it’s been spreading all over. Even someone from published an article in an attempt to get internet traffic and ad revenue, thus presenting this to be legit. And thus people have been sharing that post from their site on social media in return!


astronomy site
et tu, physics-astronomy? Better fire that author!

I can’t believe that there are many sites who are passing this information off as legit! All it takes is a simple google search and you’ll find many sites that are passing this information out!


Who knows how many people have seen these articles passing off the hoax as legit?! Worse yet, who knows how many people see the headline and share the click-bait garbage without even reading what the article has to say?!

Look, conjunctions do happen. I love sharing news about impressive pairings and formations, always have, always will. You can check “The Sky” page on this website for upcoming conjunctions that are NOT FAKE! They are not only incentives for people like us to share our knowledge of the cosmos, but they make great astrophotography targets!

A “happy face” formation like this HAS happened before, as seen in the below image:


Will there be a chance something cool like this formation happens again? Of course! Just NOT on May 16, 2020!

Stop being fooled by click bait articles! Actually take the time to read what the articles say, and even then, check your facts before sharing these idiotic hoax posts! If you are unsure, then ask your local astronomer who knows more about this field than you do!

If you’re reading this, do us all a big favor and share this article! Help it get internet searches to direct traffic towards this post so that people who look up this fake conjunction will get the truth and won’t get fooled!

Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers!

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