Top 10 Favorites

You visited this page because you just want to see my top 10 favorites? Well, here is my portfolio if you will, my personal favorites and best received images!

7-2 m31 (2)
M31 – Andromeda Galaxy

This one wasn’t initially planned to be taken on the night of July 2, as I wanted to shoot features in the Summer sky, not Autumn. But wind proved to be too much for imaging, and when the wind finally calmed down enough, the intended Summer objects had set, and the Autumn objects were in prime position. This one was taken with just a focal lens, as the camera piggybacked on top of my telescope.

6-4 moonset
Moonset over Mojave Desert – 6/4/2019, Amboy, Crater, CA

Another example of a shot not intended. In early June,  I was still setting up my equipment to image galaxies, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the thin waxing crescent moon setting. I quickly got the shot, and it turned out to be the best image I shot that evening.

6-4 Vega
30 second exposure of Vega = 6/4/2019 Amboy Crater, CA

Again, just me messing around and testing a 30 second exposure with a Barlow Lens. I never expected people to be really dazzled by the shot, but of course welcome the reactions.

8-2 site
Our Star Party Site 8/2/2019. Looking South West.

I just really like this shot of the campsite plus the Milky Way over us. I tried to get people in the shot but it didn’t work out that way.

5-28 m51
M51 – Whirlpool Galaxy – 5/28/2019 Cottonwood Campground, JTNP

I know this image suffers a tad from lack of an autoguider, but it still is a decent shot of M51 and looks impressive enough. Look for a future attempt that will be way better than this shot!

Great American Eclipse 2017 = 8/21/2017, Glendo, WY

Read the story of “Why I Drove 1,500 Miles To See 150 Seconds of Totality”


6-4 MW
Milky Way over Amboy Crater, CA – 6/5/2019

The Summer Milky Way over dark locations like Amboy Crater can actually cast faint shadows! Jupiter is the bright star to the right, Saturn to the left.

12-19 m42
M42 – The Orion Nebula      12/19/2019

M42 is always fun to shoot and compose images for. I now use this shot as an example when I showcase the nebula through a telescope.

12-19 m45
M45 – The Pleiades 12/19/2019

Another fun object to shoot. This one was a 300 second exposure, which is all you need to be able to showcase the hints of reflective nebula cloud surrounding the famous cluster.

12-19 horsehead
The Horsehead Nebula in Orion    12/19/2019 

“Oh my god, I f***ing got it!” was my reaction when I saw that the 600 second exposure not only stayed sharp, but that I was able to get enough to show the faint nebula that is only visible through astrophotography! It definitely won’t be the last time I try this object, but until then, it’s going to be hard to top it!