This is a directory of the growing number of articles I have written on this site. Ranging from personal experiences to informative pages, you’ll find a variety of things to read!

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Personal Experiences

How I Became a Telescope Operator at Griffith Observatory

Why I Drove 1,500 Miles To See 150 Seconds of Totality (2017 Total Solar Eclipse)

Remembering the Annular Eclipse of May 20, 2012

Presenting to Boy Scouts in Cherry Valley – June 15, 2017

A Night With the Royal Rangers

Remembering the 2016 Perseids

Getting my First Telescope

Memorial Day 2017 Astronomy

Helpful Information 

So You Want to Get a Telescope – A Guide For First Time Buyers

PART 1   – What to Expect   

PART 2  – The Types and Their Costs 

PART 3  – The Other Things to Consider 

Celestial Events Over North America in 2018 – An Index of notable events for 2018

Most Common Questions Astronomers Get Asked