The main question is why do I have this website, as well as the Facebook and YouTube pages?

Many people nowadays do not take the time to go outside and look up anymore.  People are stuck with their faces glued to their devices and are hesitant to take the time to appreciate what is right above their heads. Light pollution, as a result of the growing urban culture, has literally made the night skies look empty, and many are being raised without ever seeing what the night sky really looks like.

I have been in public places with my telescope and encountered people who were completely unaware of an ongoing eclipse, a planetary conjunction or transit, a visit from a comet, a meteor shower, or anything else that is going on in the night sky: and all they had to do was look up!

Getting people interested is tough, and getting people to show up to an activity involving views of the sky, even near their homes is even tougher.

It was not until one day, while doing a test broadcast on Facebook Live of showing the moon from my telescope into my smartphone that I was gifted with eager viewers, some who had never had a chance to see the moon up close and personal in front of their eyes.

Orion Bear Astronomy is dedicated to bringing awareness to what is going on in the sky, and essentially share my passion of astronomy through available media.

This website serves as an HQ if you will. I post rather frequently on the Facebook page associated with O.B.A. as well as post occasional videos on YouTube. Whether it’s promoting notable events, posting live presentations, poking fun at the way science and astronomy is represented in popular movies and TV shows, debunking those who believe the Earth is still flat, diving into the faith vs science spectrum, or simply writing about my personal experiences both past and present, I try to stay as active with Orion Bear Astronomy as I can.

You can find more common questions answered on the FAQ page by simply clicking the down arrow next to the “About” tab.

I also have tabs that help direct you towards photos and videos that were taken by yours truly, plus there are plenty of articles to read.

Thank you for visiting Orion Bear Astronomy.


Anthony Emerson Perkic, Founder and Main Author

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