Orion Bear Astronomy is a freelance and outreach astronomy organization based in Riverside, California, serving the Greater Los Angeles area. While the content on O.B.A. is meant to bring awareness to what is in the sky and provide loads of helpful information for that beginner and novice astronomer, O.B.A. also organizes public stargazing events, both local and out in the California desert to give presentations and showcase what the heavens have to offer.

I, Anthony Emerson Perkic, have always been considered a science nerd and I have been a passionate amateur astronomer for most of my life. While I had a base knowledge of the heavens when I was young, it wasn’t until 2007, when I was 19, when a combination of inspiration from the sky, college classes, and self taught experiences opened me to the astronomy community! Everything I know is from repeated observations and lots of time spent with telescopes.

While Orion Bear Astronomy was officially established in 2017, the seeds were planted during the decade prior, as I have been hosting and collaborating on outreach events, and have been personally presenting the sky to family, friends, and sometimes complete strangers ever since I got more intense with astronomy.

In 2018, I also began working part time as a telescope demonstrator at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA, which also began opening new avenues for yours truly, as well as provide another platform to share my passion with the public! If you met me there, I’m glad you’re finally visiting my site!

Also in late 2018, I began diving into the world of astrophotography, which will only give more opportunities to show the best of what the skies have to offer, and my skills have only gotten better with every repeated photography session!

Anything I do with social media, and anything I do in person serves as outreach platforms, as well as directing any interested reader to this website. This website has articles that document experiences, both personal and big events, plus contains many pieces of helpful information that help the beginner get into the world of astronomy.

You can also learn about upcoming big events, both in the sky, and any that O.B.A. will be hosting in the future.

Thank you for visiting Orion Bear Astronomy.

Anthony Emerson Perkic, Founder and Main Author


Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers!

You know where mainstream media sites get their information? From people like us! Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers! Everything is free, but donations help keep the website alive and go towards outreach events!




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