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Orion Bear Astronomy is dedicated to bringing awareness to what is going on in the sky, and essentially share my passion of astronomy to the public through available media.

. I’ve always been considered a science nerd and I have been a passionate amateur astronomer for most of my life. While I had a base knowledge of the heavens when I was young, it wasn’t until 2007, when I was 19, when a combination of college classes and self taught experiences opened me to the astronomy community!

In 2018, I also began working part time as a telescope demonstrator at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA, which also began opening new avenues for yours truly, as well as provide another platform to share my passion with the public!

I have made this website the place where I will post my personal experiences past and present, as well as give helpful information about celestial events, and how to get into the world of astronomy!

Anything I do with social media, and anything I do in person serves as outreach platforms, as well as directing any interested reader to this website.

Regarding the YouTube Channel, as of March 2018 I have not been active with it for some time due my busy schedule, but will eventually make plans for a “relaunch” of the YouTube Channel with more videos and commentaries.

Thank you for visiting Orion Bear Astronomy.

Anthony Emerson Perkic, Founder and Main Author



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