Personal Stories

Here you have actual stories, some of which can be pretty long, all of them that come from personal experiences! You can find stories from Griffith Observatory or other places regarding events.

Observatory and Public Experiences

How I Became a Telescope Operator at Griffith Observatory
Frequently Asked Questions I Get At Griffith Observatory 
Things I’ve Learned About the Public at Griffith Observatory
Observatory Stories Best of 2018
Observatory Stories “Don’t Touch the Telescope!” Edition
Dealing With Astronomy Illiterates


Personal Stories

2018 Outreach on the Hopi Reservation
Why I Drove 1,500 Miles To See 150 Seconds of Totality
Deep Sky Party/ Royal Rangers Camp Out 2017
Remembering the Annular Eclipse of May 20, 2012
Presenting to Boy Scouts in Cherry Valley – June 15, 2017
Getting my first telescope
Remembering the 2016 Perseids
Memorial Day 2017 Astronomy


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