This page is a directory for future Orion Bear Astronomy outreach events. If you are looking for the site’s page on upcoming celestial events, go to “The Sky” page. 

Currently, Orion Bear Astronomy’s local outreach events serve Southern California, particularly the Inland Empire (Riverside, Ontario, San Bernardino, etc). Outreach events and viewing parties also do get scheduled in dark sky locations such as Joshua Tree National Park or Mojave National Preserve.

2020 UPDATE:

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, I will not organize or announce any major public viewing parties, even for big celestial events. However, I will still gladly tell you when and where I’m going out next, and will allow people who understand the risks to join me in viewing the heavens.  If you’re crazy enough to join me, then by God, you’re gonna get a show!

When do I go out? I normally try to go out on a weekend night closest to new moon, but obviously I’ve made exceptions!

Do You Want to join me in a Deep Sky Outing? Read This for More Info and Directions!

If you want to schedule me and look through my telescope, or find out when exactly I am going back out to the deserts, you may either email, or you can reach me through social media!

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