This page is a directory for future Orion Bear Astronomy outreach events. If you are looking for the site’s page on upcoming celestial events, go to “The Sky” page. 

Currently, Orion Bear Astronomy’s local outreach events serve Southern California, particularly the Inland Empire (Riverside, Ontario, San Bernardino, etc). Outreach events and viewing parties also do get scheduled in dark sky locations such as Joshua Tree National Park or Mojave National Preserve.

Unless noted, all events are public and open to everyone!

If you want to schedule an event with us, you may either email, or you can reach us through social media!


 2020 Local Events

Local events can either have to do with a celestial event visible from the cities, or simply be organized for other purposes such as scout meetings, presentations, and opportunities to view the brightest of what the heavens have to offer. Non celestial event nights in local places are typically scheduled on a Friday or Saturday closest to First Quarter Moon.

Mars Moon Occultation Livestream – February 18

As this event, visible over California happens super early in the morning, I don’t expect people to visit telescopes in person, the live stream will have you covered!

Solar System Trio Showcase – September 25

The first of two planned local parties showcasing Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon

Solar System Trio Encore – November 21

This time, the “Solar System Trio” will be joined by Mars, which will be a month short of its closest approach for 2020.

Great Conjunction Party – December 20 and 21

See Jupiter and Saturn joined together, and be able to see BOTH of them at the same time through a telescope! This will be held on two nights!


2020  Planned Dark Sky Parties

Deep Sky Parties can either be for a viewing of the seasonal skies, or be centered around a meteor shower. Meteor Shower viewing parties can be held on weeknights, but standard deep sky parties are usually held on a Friday or Saturday night nearest to New Moon. Unless otherwise noted, the deep sky parties are held at Cottonwood Campground, Joshua Tree National Park. 

Do You Want to Attend One of Our Deep Sky Parties? Read This for More Info and Directions!

These are the Deep Sky Party Dates*
*Dates are Subject to Change or Cancellation Due to Poor Weather 

Winter Deep Sky Party – February 22

Showcasing constellations like Orion, Gemeni, Taurus, the entire Winter Hexagon, and objects like the Pleiades, Orion Nebula, the Shoebuckle Cluster, and more!

Spring Deep Sky Party – April 24

Showcasing constellations like Ursa Major, Leo, Virgo, and the many galaxies that are visible in this patch of the sky!

Summer Deep Sky Party – August 21

Showcasing Sagittarius, Scorpius, the Summer Triangle and the Summer Milky Way.

Autumn Deep Sky Party – November 14

The Greek Mythological Characters of Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Pegasus are all projected in the Autumn Sky. Oh, and the Andromeda Galaxy is in full view!

Geminids Meteor Shower Viewing Party – December 12-14

We plan on being out there for two nights in December for those who would rather come out on Saturday the 12th, but the peak night will be that Sunday night into Monday Monday morning! Whether you come on one night, both nights, or just during the peak times, you will definitely not want to miss this shower!


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