Advanced Subjects

Are you more experienced and do you have the basics down? Then these are the Answers to more advanced questions and subjects that you can learn! Here we give overviews on distances, measurements, catalogs, and some advanced concepts in the sky!

What Do We Mean By Magnitude?

We’re talking about how bright an object appears, and answer the age old question, “how far can you see?”

What Are Degrees, Arc Minutes, and Arc Seconds?

Learn about the units of measurements in the sky, and how they apply to the sky coordinates and how big objects appear.

What are AU’s, Light Years, & Parsecs, and How Do We Know Their Distances?!

There are different units of distance. Learn about why Han Solo can’t make the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs.

What is “M” This and “NGC” That, and What Does it Mean?

This is your introduction to how things are cataloged in the sky!

What are “Star Dates” and Why Yours May be Wrong!

Uh oh… you mean your star sign is not actually your star sign?

What Is Precession? Why Is It Important To Know?

This is something that has been observed for thousands of years, and emphasizes that nothing is permanent in the sky!

The Stars: The Biggest Case AGAINST a Flat Earth

For me, what we observe in the sky is the biggest proof of where we live. This article shows you how you can use the stars to prove the earth is NOT flat!

If We’re Moving, then Why are the Stars the Same?

Even a school aged child can figure that out, “because they’re too far away to notice any shift in movement!”

Why Do the Stars Change with Each Season?

It has everything to do with Earth’s Sidereal rotation versus a Solar rotation.