Order Custom Prints!

Custom Astrophotography Prints and Commissions Are Available!

Do you love the Moon and would love to request an image on your wall? Maybe you’d like the phase on your or loved ones’ birthday?
Have you seen a big celestial event in recent times and want it immortalized?
Or what if you just really like an image taken by yours truly and want it framed?

While the pictures taken by yours truly have been shared on this website and social media pages, those are compressed JPEG files meant for web browsing. The prints you order from me are the original raw high resolution images with no quality loss!

The best part is you know it’s coming straight from the photographer who took and composed the image! Order a personalized print from Orion Bear Astronomy and you help support astronomy outreach!

How Custom Are We Talking?

Do you want a single image? A collage? What about a constellation with inserts that showcase their deep sky treasures?

Some may want just the image with very little text in the corners, others may love featured inserts with overlays that give cool information, contain inspirational passages, or both! I will make sure that what you order is specific to what you want!

You may reach me via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and start the discussion right away!

Sizes and Pricing


Wallet/ 4×4/ 4×6 $7 each
5×7/ 8×10/ 8×8$15 each


Prices are determined with cost of printing and delivery in mind!

Available Prints

These is the selection that is currently available in high quality printable formats. If there is an image you saw posted on this site or social media that you really like but don’t see here, please ask about it! Chances are, the original raw file is still backed up in an external drive!