Editorial Essays

This page directs you to every opinionated article on this website. Despite them being obviously coming from a biased perspective, the points made in these essays are all backed by facts! Whether it’s talking about Flat Earth, the whole Pluto debate, or just astronomy in general, these are meant for you to check out and discuss!

Get OFF your phone and LOOK UP! 

Hey, you, yes you! The visitor with the smartphone… you aren’t giving the sky any respect!

Seriously… The Moon Landings Happened! 

There is too much evidence, and every conspiracy claim can be debunked!

The Most Offensive Phrase To a Telescope Operator 

“Is that it?!”

Seriously, Pluto is NOT a Planet Anymore! 

Just because you still feel it is for sentimental reasons doesn’t mean you’re right!

What Do I Think About Astrology? 

No… astrology and astronomy are NOT the same thing!

The Bible vs Flat Earth – Does It Support It?

Most Christians would tell you no, only those who take the Bible as literal would say it does.

Why Flat Earth is DANGEROUS to Christianity

Written by a Christian, for any Christian who not only believes in Flat Earth, but uses it as witnessing tools. When famous young earth creationists say flat earthers are wrong, then you know you’re treading into dangerous territories.

Why Astronomy is a Social Distancing Activity

Who in their right mind will waste gas just to get away from people and go look at some stars?!

Does Scientific Reality Ruin Poetic Beauty & Inspiration?

There’s those who love the facts, and those who love the more romanticized ideas behind the celestial sights. While one can argue too much facts ruin the inspiration, I can argue that more knowledge equals MORE inspiration.

The Unpredictable (and Disappointing) Nature of Comets 

Are you disappointed a particular comet didn’t brighten up to the expected levels?       Join the club!

Is C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) Considered a GREAT Comet?

Comet NEOWISE inspired a lot of people, and that’s a good thing. But is it truly a “great comet?” You decide!