Why Flat Earth is DANGEROUS to Christians

Written by a Christian, for any Christian whose mission is to preach Flat Earth as fact because of what the Bible says. Now obviously, I have no issue with someone’s personal spiritual beliefs, and neither do colleagues who don’t share the same spiritual beliefs I do. It’s people who use their religion to deny science, and twist the narratives to suit their own claims – in this case people who use religion to believe the Earth is flat.

In this article, we go over why people who use this tactic are not doing Christianity any favors… and why they’re doing nothing but making more people think that Christians are stupid and have mental problems.

As a Christian, I believe “The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge” (Psalm 19:1-2). Now while I don’t necessarily use the Bible as a science book, this is one of many verses that even non-religious people see as a poetic passage regarding the universe.

As a sky observer, telescope user, and astrophotographer, I know that what we can observe and learn from the sky helps humanity understand what we’re made of and where we come from. Studying the light of objects, going over their spectrum helps us understand their properties, present elements, mass, luminosity, distance, plus grasping the math and physics behind it adds precision, and aids our understanding in how things actually work!

Just because I don’t take certain Biblical passages literally doesn’t mean I don’t retain my spiritual beliefs. To me, learning about the science IS learning about the creativity and wonder of the universe itself! While most of my intellectual colleagues do not share the same spiritual beliefs I do, they respect I keep mine out of the science discussion, and know that I do not use religion to deny scientific discoveries that lead to us understand and make sense of the origin of the universe and life as best as humanly possible.

But… The Firmament…. because, the Firmament… and oh yeah, the Firmament!

This is a word that a lot of religious flat earthers like to use. However…. constantly repeating that word doesn’t do anything of substance when going over the science discussion over the shape of the earth.

The word “firmament,” as said in the King James Version of Genesis 1:6 (“…Let there be a firmament…”)  is a mistranslation of the original Hebrew word, “rāqîa,” (“…let there be rāqîa…”), which means “to beat, or spread out thinly.” Another word used instead of firmament is “expanse.” So you have one translated word that means “to spread” and many translations calling it an “expanse.” Therefore, using that mistranslated word doesn’t hold any significance in this discussion!

It’s understandable that Hebrews before the time of Ancient Greece probably did envision the earth as a flat plane under a solid dome. The Torah and the rest of the Tanakh, which Christian’s call the Old Testament, was orally recited written down on scrolls over a period of centuries before Ancient Greek philosophers began to spread the knowledge of a spherical earth surrounded by a celestial sphere. Early Christians responsible for compiling and canonizing what we officially call the Bible were accepting the Ptolemaic geocentric model of the universe, which was a SPHERICAL earth at the center!

Yes – for centuries, it was believed that the heavens surrounding Earth were in a solid state and held firm. Even when Copernicus in the sixteenth century presented the heliocentric solar system universe to account for what we observed in the sky, it was still believed that there was a solid sphere surrounding it. It was telescope observations of the stars after Galileo that ultimately proved there was no solid dome or orb surrounding us.

But Flat Earthers simply like to ignore the progression that was made beginning with the ancient Greeks… they like to ignore every piece of observation, calculation, measurement, and concrete piece of evidence that proves the Earth is a spinning globe in a heliocentric solar system and beyond. Here is usually their counter arguments when they ask people like me for the evidence:

  • “Well I don’t believe it… so it’s not true…”
  • “Nuh uh…”
  • “No it isn’t.”
  • “Well I don’t understand it… so it’s fake…”
  • “But <insert Bible verse> says this…”
  • “Nuh uh…”

Simply denying the evidence presented while failing to show any compelling measurements yourself ; and repeatedly quoting religious verses in a science discussion over the shape of the earth doesn’t mean you’ve won the debate, especially when you fail to answer the questions or get hostile when told why you’re wrong… that’s just acting like the pigeon in pigeon chess – where the pigeon doesn’t know the rules, and knocks the pieces over before defecating on the board and strutting around like it won.

Say what you will about the following young earth creationist advocates such as Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort, and Ken Ham; but even THEY still agree the Earth is a spinning globe… so you know flat earthers are in a different league when THEY say flat earthers are wrong!

Seriously…. STOP telling me that what I observe through my telescope and take pictures of professionally is fake! You only make yourself look like the idiot!

For people who tell me to do my own research, flat earthers surely do repeat the same claims over and over, including:

“What you see in the sky is just pretty lights in the firmament…” 

People who say that, plus people who tell me that my astrophotos are nothing but “fake CGI” most likely have never tested their claims themselves… because that would require EFFORT!

I’ve observed the Rings of Saturn. I’ve seen ice caps on Mars. The two pictures above were taken with an iPhone 6 adapted onto my telescope – IT’S THAT EASY! 

Jupiter’s own moons can be observed to orbit the planet through a telescope. I myself have visually watched its moons transit (cross) in front of the planet, and project a shadow on the disc of Jupiter… which means that Jupiter is not generating light – you cannot cast dark shadows on the surfaces of sources generating light! Reflecting light, yes, but not generating!

What makes astronomy and astrophotography so great is that ANYONE can learn how to do it to test their claims. If you are so sure that I am lying and that my astrophotography is fake, you can buy or build yourself actual telescope and see for yourself! And then you can adapt a camera and take long exposures to reveal details your eyes cannot see!

You know what I see when I point my telescope towards a single star? More stars. You know what happens if I point a bigger telescope towards that same group? I see MORE STARS that weren’t there before! You know what happens when I take a long exposure photograph directly through a telescope? I SEE MORE STARS!! Don’t forget about the images I’ve taken myself of comets, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies… Just check out my Astrophotography page if you don’t believe me!

IF flat earthers are so sure this firmament is there, despite people figuring out hundreds of years ago it isn’t, what’s stopping them from buying a telescope, taking long exposure pictures, and testing it out yourself?! If there is in fact a solid dome or orb in the sky surrounding us, how big of a telescope do I need before I can start seeing it? How much long exposure do I need to accumulate into my camera sensor through my telescope before I start seeing it behind all the background stars and distant galaxies that I’ve taken pictures of?!

I have already gone into great detail about the stars being the biggest case AGAINST Flat Earth in another article, so by all means go check that one out if you want to learn more on the earth’s precession and Polaris, the celestial sphere and southern stars, and equatorial telescope mounts.

You can also check out these articles if you are asking me these questions:

If We’re Moving, then Why are the Stars the Same?

Why Do the Stars Change with Each Season?

So Why is Flat Earth Dangerous to Christianity?

Persisting in the Flat Earth belief goes against everything that science and astronomy has progressed and proven with repeatable evidence and predictions for the past 2,000 years. What we observe with sunrises/sunsets, the moon phases, time zones, eclipses, constellations, circumpolar stars, and how equatorial telescopes work with celestial coordinates just isn’t possible over a flat earth.

If Flat Earthers are so adept in the scientific method, then they should be able to present and prove their claims with evidence and experiments that are repeatable, peer reviewed, and able to make predictions from. It’s not my problem they get the math and physics wrong, and get hostile when told so. Just simply saying, “well NASA this, secret society that, NASA lies, Genesis 1, black swan photo, blah blah blah…” again, that’s just pigeon chess.

Christian Flat Earthers who thump the Bible and constantly claim “astronomers are fake, astronomy isn’t a real science,  astrophotography is fake,” etc., are just making people think that Christians are stupid and/or have mental problems. But when you think about it, wouldn’t the idea of Christians looking stupid something be conjured up by the same fallen angel whose biggest deceit is convincing the world he doesn’t exist?  Is it possible that this movement was started by con men trying to see how many Christians would fall for it?

The Bible has its share of poetic and figurative passages that Flat Earthers often cite to suit their claims, including Job 38:5, 12-14, Isaiah 11:12, 40:22, and Revelation 7:1, 20:7. These are verses that talk about the “four corners/ends of the earth, circle of the earth, straight lines, etc…” that do not blatantly say the earth is flat, but are clearly misinterpreted and taken out of context!
There are NO passages outright saying the earth is flat, nor that you need to believe the earth is flat to receive salvation or “be saved” as Christianity would put it. But falling for false truths, false messiahs, and taking verses out of context is definitely warned about a lot, and is a big trap that everyone, including Christians, need to be cautious of.

Christian Flat Earthers who continue to stay on this path and lead more people into this mindset are not doing Christianity any favors. Going as far as teaching children and indoctrinating them into believing outlandish ideas like “Globe Earth equals 666/Satan,” will lead to more people who are intellectually crippled, and unable to contribute to centuries of progress and innovations towards STEM fields. They’re not making Christianity better, they’re just making gullible people more scientifically illiterate!

It can lead to a dangerous road where people dive further into conspiracies that thrive because people will just believe anything they’re told without proper research – so it’s no wonder we have our share of Anti-Vaxxers and Climate Change Deniers.

Several professed flat earthers have been exposed as pathological liars, scammers and con-men. Bob Knodel, the person featured in this infamous clip from “Behind the Curve” used to go along claiming he was a commercial pilot until he got exposed as none of the such. Flat Earthers often like to post pictures and videos of their flat earth claims with the whole “I can see this from this far away” cliché, but can easily lie about height, distance, and orientation. Here is YouTuber MCToon delivering a knockout blow to such a claim, and exposing the claimant as a criminal scammer! It may be an hour long… but trust me, it’s WORTH every minute of your time! 

It also leads to unstable behaviors that cross beyond honest and respectable boundaries – the kind that would result in fists being thrown by parents defending their children! For example, one well known Flat Earth YouTuber got arrested for harassing elementary school children at a school playground, and was stupid enough to post videos of himself doing the act. Another Flat Earth YouTuber, Anthony Riley, known as Sleeping Warrior, has openly admitted to posing as a child online in attempts to preach his flat earth nonsense to other children – where is Chris Hansen when you need him?! You can watch Youtuber FTFE’s analysis of Riley’s revelation and see the evidence screenshots in FTFE’s video – language NSFW – beginning at the 5:03 mark.

It has also led to loss of life! Lets not forget about the crazy professed Flat Earther, “Mad Mike Hughes who died after his homemade rocket crashed in an attempt to “prove a flat earth,” (although Hughes’ actual beliefs have been disputed, it still led to the loss of a life because of people buying into the conspiracy!). A flat earth leader, Rob Skiba, died from covid-19 related pneumonia in 2021 because he refused a vaccine that could have saved his life – and there are more who succumbed to the disease out of ignorance and stubbornness. Perhaps we’ll one day witness a religious cult that commits suicide over the appearance of a great comet… oh wait, that actually happened in 1997.

At the end of the day, I know that no matter what I say or what evidence I produce, I won’t convince the people who are deep into this movement. But the people who have not yet fallen into this trap are still reachable, and I would be more than happy to discuss.

If you’re a Christian who is on the fence about this, I must urge you to do better research than simply listening to some stranger on YouTube with a smartphone and internet connection. They may sound like they know what they’re talking about, but for every one video claiming indisputable proof of Flat Earth, you’ll find perhaps ten videos debunking that “proof.”

Flat Earthers are becoming way too predictable, simply reciting the same things over and over, and are running out of new things to say.

Astronomy people like me have nothing to hide. We are not hiding any secret information and we would be happy to personally demonstrate how our telescopes work, and what we can observe in the sky that proves the Earth is a spinning globe. But you have to stop hiding behind your keyboard and show an open mind to learning something!

DON’T be like the clowns who comment on my social posts saying my astrophotos are fake! I can gladly show you the raw files taken directly from my camera SD cards, and if my work looks THAT good to you, then I must be doing something right!

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this article. If you have anything you’d like to say, whether you agree or disagree, I’d love to hear your feedback.

If you are going to leave a comment, please keep it relevant to the topic.

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24 thoughts on “Why Flat Earth is DANGEROUS to Christians

  1. The heavens declare the glory of God: and the FIRMAMENT sheweth his handiwork . Psalm 19 v 1. In the first chapter in the first book Genesis the word FIRMAMENT is used 9 times! Now we know the Hebrew for this word. If our God saw fit to say that word 9 times alone in the first chapter of the first book ,we should be persuaded to search and understand the meaning of this word and the significance as it pertains to the account of creation! The earth is still. His word is truth!


    1. Yes, I am aware what the word firmament means and it’s use in the Hebrew Tanakh/Old Testament. It’s understandable that the Biblical Hebrews, and early Christians alike thought the sky was as such. Even early accepted scientific astronomy models from Ptolemy and Copernicus, well into the 16th century, presented a spherical earth surrounded by a solid celestial sphere that held the stars… and yes, it appears that way when you just observe the sky with your naked eyes.

      But telescopes pretty much show a different tale.

      I am not saying there isn’t a spiritual heaven, a realm outside the physical universe beyond time and space, nor an all powerful creator, as I do believe in as such.

      But when it comes to a physical firmament above earth, How big of a telescope do I need to see it? How much long exposure do I need to accumulate into my telescope and camera sensors before I start seeing this “thinly veiled sheet of metal” behind all the background stars and galaxies I’ve taken pictures of?


  2. And God made 2 great lights. And God SET them IN the firmament of heaven. Genesis 1 verse 16-17. God tells us the moon has her own light.Science says the moon gets light from the sun, I believe God. Genesis chapter 1 tells us that the birds fly in the open Firmament of heaven. The sun moon and stars are IN the firmament. The bible does not tell us of endless space. Above the firmament is heaven. That is what his word says. There is no such word as universe in the bible. God did not say there is endless space. Endless space beyond heaven? The bible does not tell us that. This earth is at the very heart of creation. We are the apple of his eye! All this is for man. Anything beyond heaven would be wasted space as heaven is the all in all! God tells us in his word that above the firmament is heaven. The first chapter of Genesis going over it line by line is the most awesome chapter as it is full of truth about Creation and our earth as told to us by our awesome God. God at his word. Man was given dominion over earth. We were not given dominion over anything above the firmament. No where in the bible does it tell us that. The Tower of Babel comes to mind. Sorry for the length of this note, my heart would not let me not answer. What an awesome creation!


    1. The thing is, when you understand how vast and hostile the universe and all of creation actually is, you realize how much of a miracle it is that we exist in the form we do. We could be gone tomorrow if the creator says it so! That last sentence, “what an awesome creation…” I totally agree!

      Yes, the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars are IN the heavens. The KJV word “firmament” translated from the original Hebrew “rãqīa” means “to spread out thinly” and other versions translate the word rãqīa into “expanse.”

      Yes the Bible does hint at an expanding universe. Eight times a “stretching of the heavens” is mentioned, my personal favorite being Isaiah 45:12.

      Another one of my personal favorite phrases is from Job 38:31-33. Not only does it mention some famous sights in the sky (Orion’s belt, Pleiades, “Bear with its Cubs/ Arcturus and her sons” depending on the translation) but ends with “do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over Earth?”

      So yes, even if we disagree on the existence of outer space and how things work according to science, we can both agree that we don’t have dominion over the heavens, and while we have our place on Earth, we’re not the ones in control.

      If the moon actually gives off its own light, then explain to me how the moon phases work and why the lit side always points towards the Sun? Or how the moon is full when it’s completely opposite the Sun in the sky? Explain to me how lunar eclipses happen, and how we can observe shadows on the lunar surface when they happen? I could go on and on, my friend. Yes the Bible tells us it “gives off its own light,” but science is merely about how and why it gives off light the way it does.

      And at the same time, of course I can acknowledge that without the moon, it wouldn’t stabilize our rotation and tilt, and thus we wouldn’t be able to exist! Again, we happen to live in a location where the conditions have to be just right as it is! Like I said before, it’s a miracle we exist at all!

      Astronomy just happens to be my way of glorifying, and showcasing the beauty of the heavens that I believe God created. The more I understand it, the more it leads me in that direction.


  3. Reading only from chapter 1 of Genesis verse 14 and 15 God says in his word, the sun the moon and stars were put in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth. Everything was for earth. Genesis chapter 1 tells us God created light on day one. He divided the light from the darkness, the evening and the morning were the first day. There was light and darkness morning and evening from day one. All this before the sun and the moon and the stars were placed IN the firmament on day 4.Amazing . Going by the word of God light and darkness, morning and evening were before the sun the moon and the stars. Genesis chapter 1 verse 6 and 7 tells God made the firmament and divided the waters above and the waters below that firmament. He called the firmament heaven.There is water above. His word.
    The words here written by you “When you understand how vast and hostile the universe and all of creation actually is, you realize how much of a miracle it is that we exist in the form we do.” I do not believe God made earth and the firmament vast and hostile. I do agree it is a miracle to just be alive and here. We have a home above and we will see God . God made the earth and all things in perfection. The sin of man and the effect of the flood changed the earth . Sin entered the day they ate of that tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I love looking up and am in awe of those lights in the firmament. Looking at them all with the naked eye is overwhelming. The bible tells us God called all the stars by name! But far brighter and much more glorious will be to see the one who loves us so face to face. The stars will pale in comparison to the glory of our creator!


    1. “I don’t believe God made the firmament vast and hostile…” that’s fine, buddy, believe that all you want. I know what I can observe through my telescope, and I know what I’ve taken pictures of, and repeatedly demonstrated. Either way, my Christian faith and beliefs are the same, and are not in conflict with any scientific explanation behind how things work. Just because I don’t take certain Biblical passages literally doesn’t mean I don’t find truth in the ultimate message of Salvation. I will look forward to the day when the first heaven and first earth are gone and we are in His presence.

      But until then, this is a science and astronomy blog. If all you’re going to do is try and preach to me about passages I’ve read and analyzed many times, and not add anything to the science and astronomy discussion, then there is nothing more we need to say. Take care.


  4. One thing that is clear is your faith in God and your awe in his creation. You give God the credit for all that has been made. That cannot be hidden. I meant no harm .we differ in details, we are of the same father. I chuckle at the fact you thought I am a male judging by your terminology ‘Bud’ . Alas I am just a 65 year old woman. Peace!


    1. I know you meant no harm, haha. I’m also a Californian, so I call everyone “buddy” or “dude” even if you’re female 😉. You’re correct, we differ in the fine details, but are of the same body. Blessings!


  5. Appreciate your exhortation to be on-guard against false teachings & false teachers, test everything. Watch out fur deception Edie silky as the day draws nearer.

    One Truth- The Heavens declare The Glory of God!


  6. So did God create TWO great lights as Genesis 1:16 says , 1 light for the day “sun” and the other great light “moon” for the night , , or is the moon merely a reflection from the sun as your science people claim.


    1. “your science people”?

      You can observe the Moon without using ANY science by merely looking up, noting it’s position in the sky, and see that its phases clearly indicate it’s reflecting light from the Sun, as you always see a crescent moon’s light side (or any phase besides full for that matter) always point towards the Sun. You can also see with binoculars and/or a telescope that it’s a rocky world with landscape features, especially along that dividing line between the light side and dark side.

      Secondly, if the moon was a “spotlight” floating over us, then it wouldn’t always show the same face towards earth (and thus we wouldn’t see the same features night by night), and people on the opposite side of earth at the same time would see different features on the moon. That isn’t the case.

      It would also appear to shift shape as it passes… appearing elongated when further away and only appearing circular when appearing overhead… again, this is not something that we as humans observe! You do not need ANY science to observe this.

      Third, with every lunar eclipse, we can observe earth’s shadow being cast on it. You cannot cast shadows on sources generating light. Reflecting surfaces? Yes. But not generating.

      Now with that said, as a Christian, I still believe the moon was created for a purpose, as without our moon, we would not have the tides as they are, we would not have a stable 24 hour rotation as it is today, and thus We would not have the conditions needed for us to survive. Just because I don’t take a literal interpretation from the genesis one passage doesn’t mean I don’t believe the universe was created by a creator.


  7. Explain Joshua 10:12-13…then spake Joshua to the Lord…..he said, “Sun stand still and the Moon. And they stayed a whole day. If the bible causes them to stop they must be moving, not us. Or is the Bible and the Lord wrong? If Earth had to stop for these to “appear” to stop then that would have caused a lot of problems…gravity etc. Either God is wrong or Science is wrong.
    In Genesis 1, God made the Earth and it was special. He made it the centre. The Sun worshippers/Satanists/Masons etc made the sun they worship the centre, changed the sabbath to Sunday, and named their planets after gods/Fallen Angels. He made 2 other lights IN the Firmament, NOT 93 million miles away. If you question the lie they told us about creation you have to question the lie about a globe earth. Either the Bible is wrong or their Science is wrong again.


    1. The thing is, I have never said that miracles do not happen. Miracles are events that are never expected to leave any evidence that science can measure. Of course I believe that miracles happen as I’ve experienced them myself in my own life – car once miraculously stopped after I slipped on ice and could have flown off a cliff and died. That experience still impacts my spiritual beliefs today.

      So no, I’m not saying Joshua’s historical account of the Jewish occupation of Canaan, and his army needing more daylight to fight a battle and need for that miracle to happen is wrong. There is not one logical scientific reason to believe that a God responsible for creating the universe could not have orchestrated Joshua’s long day. We can agree that miracles do happen, but they rest on testimony and faith, not scientific analysis.

      It does NOT say in Genesis 1 that the earth was made center. However, verses such as Job 38:31-33, Amos 5:8, and Job 9:9, that the writers were clearly aware of what they could see in the sky with name dropping popular celestial features. Their passages originate several millennia ago thus they weren’t aware of an expanding universe.

      Now that we have learned of a large, vast, and expansive universe, it STILL makes our earth a very special place. It needs to be in a very special zone for our life to be even possible. Earth is 1 of 8 planets around just one star that can have liquid water, a breathable atmosphere, and the conditions for us to exist. Given how many stars we know there are, and how many planets we have found around other stars, and how very few of the exoplanets we found are even considered “maybes,” It still means the possibility of you and I existing typing these replies is very slim to none. Miracles do happen… you’re one of them. That doesn’t mean science and astronomy is wrong my friend.


  8. My heart breaks for the people who feed into the lies of satan. How can you take the most precious gift God has given us (His living WORD) and manipulate and take it totally out of context. If you can misinterpreted something so little how could you be trusted with so much. If a flat earthier believing so called Christian came my way to feed me their lies of satan I will run the other way. Makes me question where they stand in general . Please people this isn’t the first time satan uses scripture to makes people believe lies there are occults who say they are Christian and use scripture to back up there sick actions . You need to read the Bible for what it is the Truth but I strongly encourage you to seek bible classes so they can show you how to read Gods’ Word properly.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. God created a stationary plain earth. In Genesis the creation was a one piece, circular land mass surrounded by water. Earth in The Bible simply means land/ground. it is people who reject God’s creation in The Bible that have come to cause people to believe earth in The Bible, means a water covered sphere.

    I could go on for many more words about the deception science has brainwashed people into believing about God’s creation. But as i have had this conservation too many times and it is unless. Only God can bring people out of this santanic/science deception.

    My recording of the star God created, that science falsely calls a pagan god jupiter.


      1. I am not a photographer ( Visual artist) the setting were set to manual focus and the video option on the selector wheel. That is all i can say that i did. I did buy the remote for the camera, that helps in not having to touch the camera much after getting the image in view. Because just a little touch (even a sneeze), when the zoom is close to fully out. Can cause the image to be lost easily.


      2. I’m an astrophotographer. I take pictures of things in the sky – including Jupiter – through telescopes.

        Most flat earthers using a p900 or p1000 will usually present footage of objects such as planets and stars (the “watery sparkle lights”) that are not focused properly. So I’m absolutely giving you credit for properly putting in the effort to show Jupiter properly focused with details visible. Amazing what that camera can do.

        You can also notice one of Jupiter’s moons next to it – it’s that dim “star” that’s moving with Jupiter through the frame as it drifts due to the rotation.


      3. But to answer your question (after a second thought), yes i have recorded before where all is seen is the light emitting from jupiter. So i guess when i switch to the video choice. It must change the setting so i do not get the light so much, but more of the shape.


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