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Helpful Information

This Page serves as a directory for every article written on this website that gives you helpful information on all things astronomy. Whether it’s about the sky, or if you’re looking for some help about telescopes, you can find them here!

Informative Lists

Ten Activities You Can Do to Enjoy Astronomy
Top 10 Astronomy Myths
Top 10 MORE Astronomy Myths
Top 10 “Rookie” Mistakes Astronomers Make
Most Common Questions Astronomers Get Asked
Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances
Seven Ways To Piss Off An Astronomer
Top 16 Celestial Features to See in the Sky
The Bucket List of Major Celestial Events

Information About Major Celestial Events

EclipsesSolar / Lunar 
How to View Meteor Showers
Transits of Mercury and Venus
Great Comets

More Advanced Questions About The Sky

What is “M” This and “NGC” That, and What Does it Mean?
What are “Star Dates” and Why Yours May be Wrong!
If We’re Moving, then Why are the Stars the Same?
Why Do the Stars Change with Each Season?

Helpful Telescope Information

Most Common Questions About Telescopes
What Can $200 Get Me On A Telescope Budget?
So You Want to Buy a TelescopePart 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 
Should I Get an Alt-Az or Equatorial Mount?
Pros and Cons of Barlow Lenses
So I Got a Telescope, How Do You Use This Thing!
Using the Setting Circles on a German Equatorial Mount 
Knowing When to Re-Collimate your Reflector Telescope – COMING SOON
Ranking Objects Worst to Best Seen Through Telescopes
Telescope Magnification Guide


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