Informative Lists

Here you can find lists of small facts and anecdotes about all things Astronomy! Some talk about common misconceptions, others talk about general common facts.

Ten Activities You Can Do to Enjoy Astronomy

You don’t need a special degree or even college level knowledge!

Top 10 Astronomy Myths

Which of these did you initially believe?

Top 10 MORE Astronomy Myths

Yep… there’s more!

Another 10 More Astronomy Myths

A third set of myths that a lot of people get wrong!

Top 10 “Rookie” Mistakes Astronomers Make

Baptism by fire, I always say!

Most Common Questions Astronomers Get Asked

It isn’t the first time we’ve been asked these!

Things That are Common Sense To Astronomers but not to Normal People

What is second nature to people like us, but not to someone even casually into astronomy?

Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances

The things that astronomical observers have to deal with on a nightly basis.

Seven Ways To Piss Off An Astronomer

This is your guide to what NOT to do when visiting an observatory or stargazing event.

Astronomer Pet Peeves

All of the articles above talk about the things that annoy us to no end!

Top 10 Most Breathtaking (And 5 Most Disappointing) Telescope Sights For Casual Viewers.

From “Holy Sh!t” to “Is That It?!”

Top 16 Celestial Features to See in the Sky

These are the objects we LOVE to show!

The Bucket List of Major Celestial Events

Don’t miss your chance to see these! Which ones have you crossed off?

The Astronomy Apps I Personally Use

“So I have this app where I can hold my phone up…” Yeah…  I use almost ten of them!

Best Stargazing Sites in Southern California.

If you live in the L.A. metro, or San Diego area, these are all sites that are all within a couple hours reach

Ideal Stargazing Sites in Southern California… For Those Who Don’t Want to Drive Far…

Just as the name implies… want to stay local? Then go to these spots!

Tips on Stargazing… ALONE!!! 

What you need to bring, and advice from yours truly on how to handle such trips!