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Services Offered

Telescope Demonstrating

If you want a live look at objects in our solar system (sun, moon, planets) or want to look at distant stars or deep sky objects (clusters, nebulae, and galaxies), and you don’t have access to a telescope, then you can always ask Orion Bear Astronomy to help!

Depending on what is in the sky at any given day or time, how clear the sky is, and the levels of light pollution; whether it’s in your backyard, at a public place, or far away from the cities for dark skies, you name it and I can show it through a telescope with the equipment I have!

Telescope Help

I have helped people learn how to use their personal telescopes, and can show you how to find objects, as well as navigate the night sky.

With equatorial mounts, I can show you how to balance the telescope, get it polar aligned, and track the objects. You can learn how to understand Right Ascension and Declination, how to calibrate the setting circles, and how to find objects based on their coordinates.

For Business Inquiries