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Upcoming Celestial Events*

How Celestial Events Are Ranked 
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*At this time, Orion Bear Astronomy only promotes upcoming events that are visible from North America. 

2020 Celestial Events Calendar
2021 Celestial Events Calendar
2022 Celestial Events Calendar
2023 Celestial Events Calendar

The Basics of Navigating The Sky

Getting to Know Your Sky – Starting out? Then this article is for you!
Using the Celestial Coordinates  = When you get the basics down, then you learn these!
How to Read Star Charts – No It’s Not All Done With a phone!
What Makes A Good Sky to Observe In? – Besides no clouds…
What Objects Can You See During the Day? – Not very many things!
The Summer Sky – The Summer Milky Way and the Summer Triangle
The Autumn Sky – The Greek Story of Perseus is all in this sector!
The Winter Sky – Orion the Hunter, and the Winter Hexagon
The Spring Sky – Looking out into intergalactic space!
Ursa Major – The Celestial Signpost







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