Overview of Celestial Events

Need to learn more about certain events like eclipses, meteor showers, or conjunctions? Then this is the page for you! This is an overview of events that happen in the sky, which in turn spark more interest in astronomy in general!

How Celestial Events Are Ranked

Read about how this website ranks certain events, and which ones are worth losing sleep at night over!

EclipsesSolar / Lunar 

Click on either “Solar” or “Lunar” to get an overview of what causes them, and how to watch them.

Super Moons

Read the SAD truth behind these over hyped non-events!

Planetary Alignments

Are they ACTUALLY aligned? Are these events anything special or they just fun sights? Read on to find out!

How to View Meteor Showers

Learn about how they happen, when the more reliable showers are, and the proper ways to watch them.


Every planet beyond Earth has a time of the year when they reach opposition in the sky. Learn about the mechanics behind them.


Conjunctions happen pretty frequently in the sky, but it’s how close the conjunction is  that makes them more impressive!

Transits of Mercury and Venus

Learn about how these rare events happen, and how to safely observe the transits with proper equipment!

Great Comets

These celestial events are as inspiring as eclipses, it’s just too bad they don’t happen that often!