Telescope & Astrophotography Information

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This page is meant to be an information hub for beginning observers and potential new astrophotographers!

 Are you interested in getting a telescope? Or are you simply needing advice on what to get and/or how to use it? These articles can help!

Beginner Questions

Most Common Questions About Telescopes
How To Identify “Trash Telescopes”
The OVERSIMPLIFIED Guide to Selecting Your First Telescope
Straight Up Answers for What Beginners Want out of Telescopes!
“Super Nanotechnology Zoom Telephoto Telescopes” – Don’t Drink Their Kool-Aid!
So You Want a BIG Telescope, But Do You Really Need One?
Are “Smart” Telescope/Camera Hybrids Worth the Price Tag?

Telescope Budget Overview

$200 Budget  | $500 Budget   |  $750 Budget   |  $1,000 Budget 
Things to Consider BEFORE Buying Your First Telescope
The Three Types of Telescopes And Their Most Important Features
Telescope Mounts and Accessories to Think About!
Should I Get an Alt-Az or Equatorial Mount?
Should I Get A Computerized Go-To Telescope?

General Telescope Information

Pros and Cons of Barlow Lenses
Using the Setting Circles on a German Equatorial Mount 
What Objects Can You Observe During the Day?
So… What Are Good Telescope Targets From the City?
Telescope Magnification Guide


So… How Do I Construct My Astrophotos
So You Finally Want To Do Astrophotography?
Can You Do Astrophotography With a Smartphone?
The Things You Need for Prime Focus Astrophotography!
Tips on Getting the Most out of Prime Focus Astrophotography