Telescope Information

Are you a beginner? Are you interested in getting a telescope? Or are you simply needing advice on what to get and/or how to use it? These articles can help!

Beginner Questions

Most Common Questions About Telescopes
What Can $200 Get Me On A Telescope Budget?
Things to Consider BEFORE Buying Your First Telescope
The Three Types of Telescopes And Their Most Important Features
Telescope Mounts and Accessories to Think About!
Should I Get an Alt-Az or Equatorial Mount?
Should I Get A Computerized Go-To Telescope?

General Telescope Information

Pros and Cons of Barlow Lenses
So I Got a Telescope, How Do You Use This Thing!
Using the Setting Circles on a German Equatorial Mount 
Ranking Objects Worst to Best Seen Through Telescopes
Telescope Magnification Guide


So You Finally Want To Do Astrophotography?
Can You Do Astrophotography With a Smartphone?