The Bible vs Flat Earth – Does It Support It?

Flat Earth believers who take a literal interpretation to scriptures will tell you yes. The rest will tell you no, it doesn’t. While there are of course people who believe in a Flat Earth because of the Bible, there do exist Flat Earthers who actually don’t believe in a creator or higher power, and are more into “truth seeking” as what they call it.

If you have a base knowledge of modern astronomy and understand what you can observe in the sky, the concepts of flat earth just do not apply.

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Science Doesn’t Care What You Believe.

In the case of the scientific world, religious texts are not used to prove scientific experiments. Science is about explaining how and why things happen the way they do through proven observation and experiments, . While it doesn’t prove or disprove the existence, it leaves it open for a creator, and the belief in one… just not when going over scientific reasoning. Because of this, that is why there are many religious groups who will claim that science is trying to “hide God” and/or deceive people. The way I see it, any supernatural being that is so weak that it can be hidden by his own creation is not worthy of worship.

The only people who claim that such scientific studies going over the origin of the universe and life are conflicting with their own religious beliefs are the people who CHOOSE to have it conflict. One can still believe in a creator and still accept the overwhelming evidence supporting the Big Bang and biological evolution as scientific fact.

Scientists truly don’t care what people say or believe in their respective centers of worship – everyone should be free to worship or not as they please. The conflict comes from religious people who deny the scientific studies behind the aforementioned topics.

As soon as a Bible thumping flat earther is called out on for their lack of scientific knowledge, or if their proofs are debunked, they fall back and say, “well it’s the way God made it! Just read the Bible!” Once this phrase is said, the science advocate, even if one still believes in a creator, knows there is nothing left to say.


Most Religious Texts Were Written When Humans Perceived Earth Was Flat

From the perspectives of ancient civilizations, the idea of Earth being a flat stationary plane surrounded by oceans on all sides was the best they could explain at the time.

The major world religions and mythologies as we know them have their roots as far back as 500 to before 2000 BC, long before the idea of a spherical Earth was described by Greek philosophers like Pythagoras in the 6th century BC.

Aristotle used observational evidence that the Earth was spherical in 330 BC, and Eratosthenes determined the rough circumference of the Earth around 240 BC. From then on, the knowledge of a spherical Earth spread to other parts of the world. Islamic and Indian civilizations grew their knowledge of the heavens after inheriting Greek astronomy, which in turn influenced many of the names and terms we use today!

Therefore, contrary to what certain people would say, the concepts behind a spherical earth are not modern government inventions. 

Christian Monks and Scholars Were a Reason
the Knowledge of a Spherical Earth Survived in Europe!

Ptolemy’s geocentric model in the second century AD, where Earth was the center of the universe, was not a flat earth model. In fact, it was a spherical Earth at the center of a celestial sphere that attempted to explain the movements of the Sun, Moon, stars, and wandering stars (planets) with relation to Earth’s coordinates. 

While there were always exceptions, when it came to the early Christian church, they supported Ptolemy’s model more than a flat earth model. Thanks to the preservation efforts of monks and scholars, the knowledge passed down from Greek astronomy survived the Dark Ages into Medieval Times; no scholar or author who studied at a medieval universities thought Earth was flat.

With the surviving knowledge preserved, it was extended once Medieval Islamic astronomy was “absorbed,” and eventually these efforts paid off when the Age of Discovery (The Renaissance Period) continued where Greek astronomers had left off. So yes… the people responsible for spreading the largest religions in the world are also responsible for the knowledge of a spherical earth… 

But… But There’s Over 200 Verses in the Bible!

The key word is figurative! It’s important to learn the original roots, and to know the context behind the verses and why it was written in the language it was written!

While the Torah and much of the Hebrew Tanakh was compiled and written down in the 6th-5th century BC, it was an oral passage that was passed down for many generations long before it was on paper. As such, it was constructed and recited in a way for people at the time to understand.

The verses that are most often cited include Job 38:5, 12-14, Isaiah 11:12, 40:22, and Revelation 7:1, 20:7.

Even though one can claim there are two hundred verses, they can actually be grouped in categories due to them saying the same thing. These are verses that talk about the “four corners/ends of the earth, circle of the earth, straight lines, etc…”  plus the verses about earth having a “face” or “ends,” earth being “fixed” and immovable, the sun moving, and others.

Christian flat earthers often like to simply recite the Genesis 1 passage and repeat the word “firmament” in their arguments to support Flat Earth, despite that word not being part of the original language, and actually comes from a root Hebrew word which means “to beat or spread thinly.” In other translations, the word “firmament” is instead described as an “expanse.”

Even when people knew the earth was spherical, the concepts of a perfect solid orb surrounding a spherical earth was understandably supported for centuries until telescope observations started proving that there was no such object surrounding us!

Remember that the Qur’an also has flat earth passages, and yet as said before, modern astronomy has many roots from Medieval Islamic astronomy, and the Greek astronomy that Christians preserved.

Why wouldn’t the creator tell all followers the Earth was in fact a sphere in an expanding universe? Because none of that matters when it comes your spiritual beliefs!


Flat Earth is Just as Divided as Religious Denominations!

We know that there are different denomination groups within faiths. But this is not a discussion of which faith is the one true way versus which isn’t.

The point we are making here is that while science has a unified consensus for the model of the universe, Flat Earth does not.

You have flat earthers who are religious and those who are not; which right there should tell you that Flat Earth is not just for Bible thumpers!

You have those who believe in an enclosed dome over Earth, and those who think Earth is an infinite plane. There’s those who can’t agree on gravity and what causes objects to fall down to Earth. There’s those who have differing opinions on what the Moon actually is. There are those who can’t agree on stars nor agree on what explains their apparent motions in the sky. There’s those who think the planets are round but still think the Earth is flat and not a planet; and of course those who just scoff at the planets and say “they’re just wandering lights in the firmament!”

Saturn 1
Saturn taken with an iPhone through a telescope!

There’s even those who don’t necessarily believe in a flat earth, they are simply anti-globe earth. If it’s not literal Biblical interpretation that reaffirms their beliefs, it’s the conspiracy theories against NASA, the moon landing, the governments, and anything else that “truth seekers” can conjure up.

I’m sure you get my point now.


TL;DR – The Bible is NOT a Flat Earth Book… even Christians in the Second Century AD knew that!

Anyone with a passion, or even a base understanding of Astronomy knows that the Earth is not flat, and that we continue to discover proofs of Earth orbiting the Sun, moving through a galaxy through an expanding universe.

You can have your own spiritual beliefs and still be passionate and accepting of Science; or you can claim that all religions and faiths are wrong, even cite famous prominent scientists and what their beliefs against religions are, and it doesn’t matter to me, I believe what I believe.

Whether you believe in the Bible or not, the belief in a Flat Earth and going back to old outdated models is against everything that science stands for. The models that used to explain how things worked eventually got updated to reflect the new discoveries and proven experiments. Therefore, science never goes backwards, it always goes forwards!

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