Celestial Events Over North America in 2018

2018 will have plenty of notable celestial events for even the most casual observer.  The following listings are meant for observers in North America, particularly the USA, thus there won’t be any listings for events that are not visible from the continent.  Mars/Jupiter Conjunction - January 6-7 Mars and Jupiter will align and be so close together that you can…Read more Celestial Events Over North America in 2018

So You Want to Get a Telescope – Part 1

Imagine being a child that’s into things having to do with space and the solar system. Then one day, you meet a person with a telescope and he shows you something cool, like the moon or a planet. Instantly, you know you want one yourself and think about how many other awesome things you’ll be able to see in the sky! This series of articles will help guide you in the right direction! 

Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances

Being a passionate astronomer, even at an amateur hobbyist level, means one wants to make the time to gaze at the night sky. When one wants to share their passion or introduce it to eagerly interested people, especially children, it can be quite a chore trying to plan such an outing that works for the non-astronomer. The following are the Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances we all have to deal with.

Why I Drove 1,500 Miles To See 150 Seconds of Totality

  Equipment Used Orion Sky View Pro 8" Telescope with Dual Axis True Track Motor Drive Polymer Sheet between two Pieces of Cardboard (for Partial Phase) iPhone 6s Plus Omano Universal Smartphone Camera Mount To all who read this article, please share this post! To those who thought that driving 1500 miles for two and…Read more Why I Drove 1,500 Miles To See 150 Seconds of Totality