2023 Celestial Events Calendar

North America will again have a solar eclipse that traverses most of the continent – but it will be an Annular Eclipse, not a total! Still, it will be a great opening act for the total solar eclipse next year! Quadrantids Meteor Shower – January 3,4 This is a shower that can be rich, but because the peak only lasts a few hours, you need to be in the right place at the right time. However, this year, the Moon will be near full, making any travel to a dark location pointless as you’ll get the same sky from your … Continue reading 2023 Celestial Events Calendar


If you don’t know what an opposition means in astronomy, here is a short explanation. When an object is in opposition in astronomy, it means it is directly opposite our Sun from Earth. A good example is the Full Moon, where the Moon is close to being directly in opposition, hence why it shows a fully lit face back to Earth. A planetary opposition is when our Sun, Earth and any given outer planet are directly in line with each other. This applies for every Superior Planet, a planet that has an orbit outside of Earth’s. Therefore, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, … Continue reading Oppositions