Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances

Being a passionate astronomer, even at an amateur hobbyist level, means one wants to make the time to gaze at the night sky. When one wants to share their passion or introduce it to eagerly interested people, especially children, it can be quite a chore trying to plan such an outing that works for the non-astronomer. The following are the Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances we all have to deal with. Continue reading Top 5 Astronomical Annoyances

Presenting to Boy Scouts in Cherry Valley – June 15, 2017

Cherry Valley, California June 15, 2017 was going to be a special night for two reasons. One, Saturn was going to be at opposition, meaning both Earth and Saturn would be fully aligned, and that Saturn would be at its closest to us. Usually those are the best days to view Saturn through a telescope. Two, I had been asked by a hockey client who knew my passion for Astronomy to do something for her son’s Boy Scout group. It turns out for a lot of Boy Scout organizations, Astronomy is one of their badges. I picked June 15 to … Continue reading Presenting to Boy Scouts in Cherry Valley – June 15, 2017