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The Sky

Upcoming Celestial Events*

*At this time, Orion Bear Astronomy only promotes upcoming events that are visible from North America. 
2019 Celestial Events Calendar
Mercury Transit 11/11/2019 – How To See It!

2020 Celestial Events Calendar
2021 Celestial Events Calendar
2022 Celestial Events Calendar

The Basics of Navigating The Sky

Getting to Know Your Sky – Starting out? Then this article is for you!
Using the Celestial Coordinates  = When you get the basics down, then you learn these!
How to Read Star Charts – No It’s Not All Done With a phone!
The Summer Sky – The Summer Milky Way and the Summer Triangle
The Autumn Sky – The Greek Story of Perseus is all in this sector!
The Winter Sky – Orion the Hunter, and the Winter Hexagon
The Spring Sky – Looking out into intergalactic space!
Ursa Major – The Celestial Signpost
What Makes A Good Sky to Observe In? – Besides no clouds…




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